Update: Halloween Packs sold out!

If you’re a long-time holder of R2 NFTs, you’re gonna have a field day with this collection.

On October 30, 6 PM UTC, you’ll be able to trade in (burn) any 10 NFT packs, excluding promo packs, for a Halloween Pack from our upcoming Geepeekay collection.

The Halloween packs contain 6 body parts needed for crafting ‘Sinister Sid,’ a limited-edition Halloween NFT not found anywhere else in the collection. Additionally, we kept the max supply at 50 packs because we wanted to create something rare and valuable for our community — Only the quickest collectors will be able to get their hands on this!

Speaking of valuable, these special-edition Halloween NFTs will also be stakeable in our soon-to-be-launched staking platform. Staking is a great way for NFT collectors to earn some passive income with their curations, and our staking mechanism will award earning power based on scarcity — So, a rare card like Sinister Sid will be pretty powerful. All of our previous collections will be stakeable as well, so burn events like this one not only increase previous collections’ value by making them scarcer on the market, but also boost their future staking (earning) power.

On Saturday 30th, 2021, 6 PM UTC, you will be able to burn your packs of choice (no promo packs) for a Halloween pack. The burn page will be announced soon, so make sure you don’t miss it by joining us on TwitterInstagramDiscord and Telegram, or, signing up to the newsletter.

Not sure if your packs count for the burn? We’ve put together a comprehensive list of all the packs you can burn for a Halloween pack this Saturday! If the pack is not on this list, then it is not eligible.

Wanna get some packs to burn? Just click any pack from the list and it’ll take you straight to the marketplace where you can buy one!

Mutant Warriors

Mutant Rockers


Monsters of Rap 1

Monsters of Rap 2

Graffiti Kings


Note: Halloween packs cannot be opened till the 13th November 2021, when the official Geepeekay packs sales start. Check out the Geepeekay Roadmap for more information!